(2) Lela Mae Martin
(3) Nellie EvelynMartin
(4) William Glynn Martin
(5) Daris Ray Martin
(6)Lloyde Henry Martin
(7) Bonnie Ruth Martin
(8) Julia Fern Martin
(9)Gayle Rose Martin
(10) Billy Ervin Martin
(11) Glenna Fay Martin
(12) Bobbie Carol Martin
(13)Dean Carlton Martin
    The Twins at about 1 year of age - 1916
    (1) Ela Fay and (2) Lela Mae Martin,
    Born December 31, 1915, 2 months early.
In bringing 13 children into the world, Mother was pregnant a whole eight years of her marriage. She always told us she wouldn't take a million for any of us—but she also wouldn't give a quarter for one of us either!
After 8 &1/2 months of marriage, Mother gave birth to premature twins—only 7 months old! Lela weighed a mere 1 &1/2 pounds, and Ela was only 2 pounds. The doctor just left and said they would not live, but he didn't reckon with Granny Crow. She, with the help of a neighbor lady, alternated dipping the babies in hot and cold water. She fed them with an eye dropper and kept them warm behind the wood stove. Needless to say, they thrived. Ela Fay was lost to dysentery at age 17 months. She was buried in Winters, Texas.
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