William Sharpe Martin was born in Davilla, Texas on May 2, 1892. He was almost 78 years old when he died on April 13, 1970. He is buried in Buckeye, Arizona.
His Parents: Luther Martin Born April 30, 1859, Died at 82 April 2, 1941 Winters, Texas
Della Erwin Born November 9, 1857 Died at 52 March 4, 1910 Winters, Texas.
They married 18 December, 1881 He was 22, She was 24
Sarah Melvina Crow was known as "Vina" (vie-nuh) or "Sarah Vina", (Vinie to her sisters), and later as "Mamo" to her grandchildren. Born in Royston, Georgia on April 25, 1894. When she died, on January 7, 1973, she was nearly 79. She, too, is buried in Buckeye.
Her Parents: James Henry Crow Born December 26, 1868 Died at 63 April 27, 1932 Winters, Texas.
Julia Elvira Phillips Born March 19, 1871. Died at 90 August 23, 1961 Winters, Texas.
They married August 2, 1888, He was 20, She was 17.
They were married April 15, 1915 in Bradshaw, Texas.
She was 21, and he was 23. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and would have reached 55 years married 2 days after Daddy died.

  Their 13 children were:
    (1) Ela Fay and
    (2) Lela Mae Martin (twins),
    (3) Nellie Evelyn Martin
    (4) William Glenn Martin
    (5) Daris Ray Martin
    (6) Lloyd Henry Martin
    (7) Bonnie Ruth Martin
    (8) Julia Fern Martin
    (9) Gayle Rose Martin
    (10) Billy Ervin Martin
    (11) Glenna Fay
    (12) Martin, Bobby Carol Martin
    (13) Dean Carlton Martin
“Mother always told us she was in a theater the first time she saw Daddy. He was swaggering down the aisle with a big grin on his freckled j face, dressed in a sailor suit. She swooned and told her sister right then and there, "I'm going to marry that guy." And she did, too, soon after that! I wonder how many times she wished she had taken her piece of china and gone home (In those days, movie theaters often had give-away of dishes or other items as a bonus when you came to see the double-feature movies...”
From Bonnie’s Grandma Book Publish by Suzi Holden 1998
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